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Cake Topper

Volcano Dinosaurs Birthday Cake Topper set

Volcano Dinosaurs Birthday Cake Topper set

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Volcano and dinosaurs cake topper set.

Lots of characters, beautiful printing and quality, handmade for your special little one.
This cake topper set is presented on a 6inch cake, it is perfect for 6, 8 inch or even bigger cake.
Cake topper set includes: Tree cake topper with happy birthday bunting garland and 2 dinosaurs(16cm width x 20cm height, separate from the tree, tape on the back, you can stick them anywhere on the tree), 1 big volcano(12cm width x 17cm height), 4 big party dinosaurs(7cm -11cm height), 4 foot print cards for you to put on the cake( 2 big ones 4cm, 2 small ones 2.5cm). 

Material-300gsm paper card, crepe paper.

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