How to make a Frozen balloon garland (using balloon chain)

1. Blow up 12inch, 5inch balloons, attach them to the balloon chain (put the knot through the hole, the hole will hold the balloon), one after another from both sides, the order of balloon in main picture was: big purple, small purple, big blue snow print, small silver, big clear print, small blue, big blue. Make sure the first balloon and the last balloon are slightly bigger than other balloons, once the garland is made, cut off the rest of the chain. You can always change the balloon order to make your design.

2. Tie ribbon on both ends of the chain, attach the ribbon on the decorative place by using sellotape to hang the garland, adjust the balloons.


3. Blow up the big snow flake balloons, glue it on one of the balloon surface by using balloon glue dots.

4. Cut the snowflakes garland into sections, glue them on balloon surfaces to finish your design.