How to make mermaid tail balloon bouquet

Tips: Do not put too much air in foil balloons, it is much easier to glue them together if the surface is slightly soft.  
Tear glue sheet into strips to use.
Recommended tools: balloon pump, measuring tape


1. Blow up 12PCs 12inch balloons to similar sizes, suggest 20-22cm. (place a ruler or measuring tape or an object next to the balloon when blowing)

Pick the balloon colour you like to put together,  blow them up to similar size, tie 2 balloons together to make a pair

2. Tie 2 of them together to make 6 pairs.


3. Pick 2 pairs, stack them on top of each other like a shape of cross, twist the joint to join them together to make one set, then level them. (Don't worry if they move, as long as they join together)

4. Repeat step 3, make three sets.

5. (You will need some space in this step) Open the ribbon, place it on a flat surface, then place first set from step 4 on top of the ribbon. 

6. Place the second set on top of the first set (rotate 45 degrees), pull the ribbon around the balloon gaps up and down several times to tie them together. 

7. Place the third set on top of the second set (rotate 45 degrees), pull the ribbon around the balloon gaps up and down several times to tie the 3 sets together, pull tight until the base is stable, tie a knot, the base is made.

8. Turn whole base 90 degrees. 

9. Blow up 2pcs 12inch balloons, glue them on each side of the base to make the base stable. 

10. Blow up large foil number, 1 stick balloon(the length just be able to wrap around the number balloon). Make 1 balloon necklace(link: Wrap the stick balloon and necklace balloon around the number balloon, tie knots on the back.

11. Place the number balloon on the base. Find a good position, apply multiple glue dots on different angles to glue the number balloon on the base, until it stands up and stable. 

12. Glue mermaid tail balloon next to the number balloon, apply multiple glue dots from all surfaces where the mermaid balloon sits. 

13. Blow up 5inch balloons, glue them on the gap of the base. 

14. Make another necklace balloon, glue it on the base to cover the bottom gap. Blow up the shell balloon, use multiple glue dots to glue it on the base.