How to make balloon garland with a ribbon

Tips: Do not put too much air in foil number balloon and small foil balloons, it is much easier to glue them together if the surface is slightly soft.
Tear the glue dot sheet to strips to use. 
 Recommended tools: balloon pump


Video for making balloon garland:

Standing balloon bouquet

1. Blow up all 12inch balloons, tie knots, pick two to tie together, make a pair (If you want to make colour blocks garland then tie same coloured balloon together). 

Pick the balloon colour you like to put together,  blow them up to similar size, tie 2 balloons together to make a pair



2. Pick 2 pairs(same colour), stack them on top of each other like a shape of cross, twist the joint to join them together to make one set. (Don't worry if they move, as long as they join together)

3. Repeat step 3, make lots of sets.

4. Open the ribbon, take a set of balloon, let the ribbon go through the balloon joint(leave a fair long end for hanging), then wrap around the set through the balloon gaps, pull it tight every time, this will tie the balloon set on the ribbon. 

5. Repeat step 4, tie all sets on the ribbon. Each time pull ribbon tight, until no big gaps between each sets. Hang or attach it on your decoration area, then adjust it. 




6. Blow up the 5inch balloons, tie 3 of them together to make several groups of three.


7. Glue the group of three 5inch balloon onto the garland.

8. Blow up foil balloons, use multiple glue dots to glue them onto the garland to finish.