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Balloon Garland

Large Frozen Theme Party Balloon Garland Kit

Large Frozen Theme Party Balloon Garland Kit

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A beautiful easy kit for your frozen theme party.


1 Balloon garland: 15pcs 12" blue metal latex balloons, 15pcs 12" purple metal latex balloons, 10pcs 12" blue latex balloons, 10pcs 12" purple latex balloons, 10pcs 12" white latex balloons, 5pcs 5" blue latex balloons, 5pcs 5" light purple latex balloons, 5pcs 5" white latex balloons.

1pc 18" purple heart shape foil balloon

1pc 18" blue heart shape foil balloon

2pcs 73cm*73cm blue snow flakes foil balloon

3pcs 10" snow flake paper fan

12pcs 10cm blue and white mix hanging snowflakes

1pc balloon chain, 1pc balloon glue roll, 1pc 10m ribbon

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