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Balloon Bouquet

Jungle Animal Balloon Blue 40inch Number Bouquet

Jungle Animal Balloon Blue 40inch Number Bouquet

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Loved by many families, this specially designed 1.4 meters height Jungle animal bouquet with your personalised child's name stickers makes an unique memory for your little ones birthday. It comes in a flat pack, DIY needed.   

Alternatively if you do not wish to make a balloon stand, 12inch latex balloons and 40inch number balloon can float with helium. Animal balloons are always fun to play.

Blue number pack includes: 8-pack 12" mixed of aqua balloon, pastel blue balloon, lime green balloon, blue balloon, sage green balloon, 4-pack 12" animal print balloon(giraffe, black zebra, white zebra, leopard), 1-pack 40" green number balloon, 2-pack artificial leaves, 4-pack 5" mixed aqua, lime green, blue, gold balloon, 4-pack small animal balloon, balloon glue dots, balloon ribbon. 1-pack name sticker.

Instructions can be found in:

Number 4, 7, 9 will have few more matching balloon in the pack for supporting the better balance.

Please leave a message for your name.

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